Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sinkhole - USA (West Virginia) MAY

A large sinkhole is causing concern for a Fairmont family.

The Hampton family was attempting to put up their pool Monday when someone noticed a huge hole behind their property on Garrett Avenue.

It's estimated to be about 12-15 feet wide and at least 30 feet deep. City officials were on scene Monday and Tuesday.

The City Street Department checked the area and says there are no sewer or drainage lines around the area. They then contacted the DEP to check for mine subsidence. DEP officials were on scene Tuesday to take GPS coordinates and are now checking their maps to see if that's what caused the hole.

If mine subsidence is the cause, officials say they'll quickly work to correct the problem. DEP officials also surveyed two other spots on the property that appeared to be sinking lower.

Ronnie Hampton says they don't know exactly when the hole appeared. It's at the back of their property, and is actually on a small piece of land owned by the City of Fairmont.

He says he appreciates the quick response by the city. He was concerned about the hole growing with the rain and one of his kids getting hurt. - Source

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